Tayto Park Business Trip’, written by Eryk Pilat, Michael Ziemianski and Shelly Whelan – 1st Year Business

On Friday the 9th of November our business class went to Tayto Park in Co. Meath we learnt about the history and the marketing of Tayto.

We learnt:          

  • Tayto sell 2 million packets a day.
  • Tayto also own other famous Irish brands, such as Hunky Dorys and King.
  • Tayto export crisps to the US, UK and Australia. The UK is their biggest foreign market.
  • Tayto employees work 24 hours a day.
  • The most sold packet of Tayto is cheese and onion flavour Taytos.
  • They have 22 million packets of Tayto stored in their warehouse.

TaytoAfter the tour of Tayto Park was finished, we went to see another famous Irish brand – Newbridge Silverware. We learned how Newbridge Silverware started and how some of their products are made. They had old machinery, magnificent jewellery and spectacular silver cutlery on display. We viewed some of the machines which are used to make cutlery and jewellery.

All in all we had a great day; the tour was amazing and educational. We hope we get to go on more school tours soon.