Portlaoise College Old trafford tourPortlaoise College Tour Old Trafford and Alton Towers

38 students departed for Old Trafford and Alton Towers on Thursday 14th April for 2 days and 1 night.
It was an early start departing from Portlaoise College at 6:00 am where the group travelled via ferry to Holyhead. On the Thursday they visited the world famous Old Trafford Stadium where students were given a 2 hour tour of the trophy rooms, the pitch and the changing rooms.

After an early breakfast on Friday morning they spent 7 hours at Alton Towers experiencing the numerous rollercoasters and thrill rides. Staff enjoyed these as much as students!

A tired group of staff and students arrived back Portlaoise College at 2 am on the Saturday morning.

Second Year Student’s own account of tour:

“We left the school at 6:00am, on a bus for Dublin Port. Everyone was feeling a mixture of tired and excited! The boat trip lasted about 3 hours and everyone was eager to get off the boat and go to Manchester. We arrived in at Holyhead about 11:30am.

We arrived in Manchester for 3 pm. Old Trafford was a great place to visit on the tour. We went on a full tour of the entire stadium. We even visited the VIP bar and the Team Management room. We went to the centre of the stadium where the pitch was. We were allowed to take as many photographs as we liked. At the end of the tour we visited the Memorial side of the Stadium which was dedicated to the players who were killed in the Munich air disaster. We learned that 21 people were killed in an air crash near Munich after coming back from a soccer match.
After a long day of fun and travelling we were all wrecked, so we headed off to the County House Britannia hotel. The hotel was lovely. We received a full dinner in a special VIP room just for Portlaoise College students. We could eat as much as we wanted.

The next morning we had and early rise and we headed off to Alton Towers. Everybody was so excited, and on the bus began to sing songs to get in the mood. My favourite rollercoaster was “Air”. We got on it 4 times and always got front row seats. The Trip was absolutely brilliant and I’m hoping we can go again. Out of ten, I’d give it 10/10. Alton Towers was absolutely amazing and I would love to go again, it was a great experience.