Picture21 On Friday the 8th of March the transition year class went to Griffith College to the F1 in schools regional finals. 2 teams from Portlaoise College qualified; they were the Elimeinators and Pit Vipers. We left the school at 6:30am and arrived at Griffith College at 8 o’clock. When we arrived we registered our teams, we were then showed to our stalls to set up our stands.

After entering the venue, we went to set up our stalls. It turned out that the Elimeinators and Pit Vipers stalls were right beside each other! Everyone stuck up the posters they had printed off, turned their laptops on, and opened up the presentations about their teams. Everyone had their 20 page portfolio set up beside it, too.

As the time wore on, more teams arrived. All the other teams set up their stalls, and they were very impressive. Some had their own stands made from laser cutters; some had their boiler suits as uniforms, others displays were so well done. There were little perks on some stands, like lollipops and chocolate they got made for themselves.

Picture22The Elimeinators were first up for their verbal presentation in front of the judges. They were brought downstairs, and gave a five minute presentation to them, based on their portfolio and their car. It went well, and they left the room, pleased.

There was a gap in time, but then the Elimeinators were called for their races. The first two races consisted of a reaction trigger. This was done by when one of the team members held a button done as soon as the lights on the board flashed red. The Elimeinators won the first race of this, but drew the second with the exact same time. For the normal races, the Elimeinators won both races.

Pit Vipers verbal presentation went fine, they were delighted when they left the room. For their races they won one of the reaction based races but lost the other one aswell as lost the 2 automatic races. They were delighted to hear that they had the 3rd fastest car of the day.

Unfortunately neither team managed to get through to the National final but both teams were delighted to have participated in the races.
Everybody enjoyed the day, and Mr.Gleeson and Ms.Jordan hope to enter more students next year.