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Portlaoise College would like to wish all of

our students the very best of luck in their

 forthcoming state examinations and a

fantastic summer break!

Thank you to all the local entrepreneurs who gave their time to assist in the recent TY entrepreneur interviews.  Students were inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of all our local business leaders. 


Una Foden is back on RTÉ Two with another series of “Una’s Dream Ticket” and she wants to make your dreams come true!Displaying Una's Dream Ticket_26.JPG

Have you always dreamt of flying a plane? Or hanging out with your favourite pop star? Or maybe spending the day on a movie set?  Well, if you’re between 8 and 16 years old and have a lifelong dream or a burning ambition, Una wants to hear from you!

Last year, over 30 dreamers had their wishes fulfilled – Cormac Short got a VIP golf lesson from Padraig Harrington, Keela Brogan walked the cobblestones of Corrie, Grace O’Connor designed her very own piece of jewellery and David Cosgrave spent the day with Hollywood actor Chris O’Dowd. From driving a digger to training dogs for a day, Una sprinkled her magic on lots of people just like you!

This year, if you could have one big wish come true, what would it be? Would you show off your dancing or singing skills, indulge your passion for animals or travel?  Spend the day with one of your heroes? Or maybe just swap places with your Dad or teacher?  

Tell Una what your big dream is and you could be one of this year’s lucky dreamers – she might just wave her magic wand to make your dream come true.

Una said: “ I want to hear the biggest, the best, the craziest dreams children all over Ireland have – no dream is too big or too small!! I just can’t wait to make loads more dreams come true.”

 If you’re between 8 – 16 years old and have a big dream, we want to hear all about it in 100 words or less.


Closing date for applications is 25th July 2014 so get your dreams into us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


Email your wish to:


Post your dream to: Una’s Dream Ticket, Tyrone Productions, 133 Capel Street, Dublin 1


Call us on: 01 889 4981



Open to applications from residents of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


2013/14 has been an extremely successful year for Portlaoise College in both academic, sporting and extra-curricular fronts. This success will be celebrated on Wednesday the 14th of May in the main hall beginning at 7pm. Special guest on the evening will be Laois native and 2fm breakfast show host Bernard O’Shea.


 DATE: 2 May, 2014

TIME: 10:00hrs.

 SUSI to open its online Student Grant Application System for 2014/2015 on 8 May, 2014.

The national student grant awarding body, SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland), has announced that its online application system, for new and renewal student grants, for the 2014/2015 academic year will open on 8 May, 2014, two weeks earlier than in 2013/2014.

SUSI is entering its third year of operations. Last year SUSI made significant process and resource improvements resulting in a much more efficient and effective service. It processed over 92,000 applications with almost 60,000 students (new and renewal) receiving funding for the 2013/2014 academic year.

It is expected that the number of applications to SUSI for the upcoming academic year will surpass 100,000. In order to meet the challenges posed by such numbers and in building on the improvements made for the previous academic year, SUSI has introduced a number of further key improvements for 2014/2015: 

  •        Earlier application opening date (8 May);
  •        Revised and more user-friendly website information at;
  •        More automated validation of the online application form;
  •        Extended range of online services to applicants;
  •        More streamlined internal processing of applications;
  •        Extended data sharing with Government Departments and agencies;
  •        Increased stakeholder engagement; and
  •        Online grant eligibility reckoner.

 The closing date for the receipt of renewal applications is 13 June and for new applications is 1 August, 2014.

SUSI encourages students to visit its website to review the eligibility criteria for student grant funding. There is also information available on the SUSI website to assist students with making their applications.