On Friday the school will be participating in the Glo Health School Mile Challenge. This event is free and is being run in conjunction with Portlaoise being part of the healthy towns initiative.

The TY’s will be helping Shane and I with this event. The event will take place over the day and each year will have one class to complete the challenge.

Each student will have to run/jog/walk or a combination of these for 4 laps of the track (1 mile).

When the students are finished they will be presented with a colour coded wristband depending on their time.

The times for each class are as follows:
9- all day TY’s
9.40 – 10.20 1st years
10.20-11 2nd years
11.15 -11.50 3rd years
11.50-12.25 5th years
12.25-1.00 6th years

All students will go to their designated class and if the teacher could please ask students to leave their bags in their classroom and accompany the class out to the track. Teachers and staff are more than welcome to join in at any stage.

This is a participation event and is designed to get students out and active.

Thanks for your support in advance,