book clubAll parents who are interested in starting a book club in Portlaoise College please contact Sinéad Boland, HSCL Co-ordinator on 087 1777847 and/or come to the parents’ room on Wednesday 12th November at 10am.

We will choose a book to discuss together over tea/coffee. It will be purchased and we will meet again in November for another chat.

Hope to see you Wednesday!

One Plus One: by Jojo Moyes

One single mom. One chaotic family. One quirky stranger. One irresistible love story. One Plus One is an absolutely exhilarating novel. Equal parts moving, heartbreaking, hopeful and hilarious, it’s a smart and memorable story about one untypical family and their journey to happiness. A journey that includes a painfully slow road-trip to Scotland in a car with a rude boss, two kids and one huge, smelly dog.

Two people. Two completely different worlds. What do they add up to?

This was the book chosen by the parents to read. Come along next week to receive your copy and we will meet again on the 3rd of December; a Christmas event!