Backrow: Victoria Reddin , Emily Rowley, Shauna Techera, Zdenka Danielova, Raymond Deering, Madara Triboldo, Katie Farrell, Niamh Gunning
Frontrow: Ian Carroll, Craig Lynch, Brendon Michalovski, Aivaras Reksyts, Eve Farrell

6th year business students visited the Irish family owed business of Caffrey’s. The entrepreneur Thomas Caffrey is acredited with personally inventing treats such as the Macaroon bar, the Big Time bar and the Chocolate Snowball. He was considered “Ireland’s answer to Willy Wonka”. The Irish chocolatier business was founded in the 1930’s and today sells products in Ireland, Europe, Australia and the United States. This visit is in particularly helpful to students students studying Business, Link Modules and Home Economics.