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On Thursday 28th January the Higher Level English 5th year students went to see a production of Hamlet in the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin with one of their English teachers Mr. Kelly.

As part of the new Junior Cycle English coursework 1st & 2nd year students in Portlaoise College are engaging with their drama texts in a hands on approach! For one period a week they develop their dramatic skills and deepen their understanding of the plays they are studying; and they have fun doing this!








Oliver Dempsey,, visited Ms. Boland’s Link modules class on Monday 25th January. He gave an informative and interactive talk to 5B; they found out how he came up with the idea for this business, the skills he used to set it and the challenges and opportunities he has faced in running it.


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Young Scientists of the Future from Portlaoise College

Matthew Bride & Darragh Wright Twomney
Darragh Wright Twomey, Matthew Bride and Colm Greene are delighted to represent their school Portlaoise college in this year’s young Scientist. Darragh has said that he is ‘ecstatic to have the opportunity to be involved’ Their Project looks at making bioplastic and using it to make a biodegradable plastic bag. The motivation for the project stems from their interest in the environment.
Portlaoise College school principal Mr. Noel Daly said “ he is delighted with the success of the students and the Science Department with the project and their entry into the young scientist competition. This is a result of the emphasis Portlaoise College places on STEM related subjects and the promotion within the curriculum and through the STEM conference.
We are very proud of our students and wish them well in the RDS in January.”
Bioplastics are plastics derived from renewable sources, such as vegetable fats and oils or corn starch. Bioplastics have many advantages, all of which are beneficial to the environment. It reduces CO2
emissions as it is made. It takes only 0.8 metric tons of CO2 to create bio-plastics which is 3.2 metric tons less than normal plastics.
Icheaper than normal plastics especially with the soaring oil prices.
Matthew Bride Prof. James Kennedy,Darragh Wright Twomey Colm Greene.

Waste bioplastics are biodegradable within 90 days.
Valuable raw material can be reclaimed and recycled into other products.
Students involved have been very busy to date making and testing their plastic. They have also visited Athlone I.T. Research labs to meet Professor Kennedy and are currently planning a visit to Carlow I.T.
Teachers Julie-Anne Behan and Katherina Sweeney are thrilled for the students involved, saying “it was a well deserved opportunity for the students as they have been working hard, and have always had a love for Science”.

All First Year Students attended the Young Scientists exhibitation in the RDS on Thursday 7th January to support their school representatives!