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match 2


5B LCVP enterprise activity; to raise money for Crumlin Chidren’s hospital students and teachers paid to participate and watch a dodgeball match on Tuesday 26th April in the sports hall. Great fun was had by all!



Six Transition students attended European Convention centre in Dublin on Monday 11th April where they were given the opportunity to pitch their project to a panel of expert regional judges in the Leinster ECO-DENS

The best projects will be chosen and invited to the prestigious Showcase and Awards Ceremony in the Mansion house in May.

Danielle Feane
Paige Wilcox
Shantell Lawless
Matthew Bride
Darragh Wright
Christopher O’Connor

What did your project achieve?
We made a bio-plastic from organic materials. We investigate its composability. We taught the first years about bio-plastics.

Globally- Crude oil industry would be put under pressure, decrease the price of crude oil for use as fuel.
Compostable Plastic- Solves a litter crisis and overuse of landfill

Who was responsible for what tasks?
Darragh and Matthew are responsible for making the bio plastics. Laciey is keeping a daily diary. Aaron, Christopher and Kewin are in charge of the compost bin. Shantell and Jorja are in charge of the PowerPoint. Brian is in charge of the photography.

Christopher ‘’I thought i presented the project well and i’m confident that we will get through to the all-Ireland finals.’’

Darragh ‘’I enjoyed the Dragons den approach carried out by the judges.’’

Matthew ‘’The projects were of a very high standard from many schools in Leinster.’’

This is Portlaoise College first time entering the Eco Unesco Competition.

The students will be notified by the end of April if they have been chosen and invited to the prestigious showcase and awards ceremony in Manson House in May.

Danielle ‘’it would be a great end to a wonderful transition year.’’