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A new subject has been developed for the Leaving Certificate Programme called Politics and Society. Portlaoise College is the only school in Laois who will be able to offer the subject to fifth years next September. This will be an optional Leaving Certificate subject, just like other exam subjects. It is being introduced on a phased basis, starting with a small number of schools in September 2016. Portlaoise College is one of these schools. Students will sit the first Leaving Certificate Politics and Society examination in June 2018. “We are delighted that our school has been selected to introduce Leaving Certificate Politics and Society from this coming September 2016,” said Noel Daly, Principal.
“Politics and Society is a very exciting and rewarding subject that will suit any student who is interested in human rights, equality, diversity, sustainable development, power and democratic decision-making”, he said. It is envisaged that studying Politics and Society will give students a real insight into people, power and how society works. The subject will be assessed at two levels, Ordinary and Higher. There will be two assessment components at each level – a written examination which accounts for 80% of the final grade and a citizenship project which accounts for 20%. The citizenship project enables students to research a topic of interest to them and then apply their learning in action. “The introduction of Politics and Society complements the already very wide range of subjects we offer in Portlaoise College to students in the Leaving Certificate Programme”, said Mr. Daly. “There has been a considerable interest in the uptake of this subject already from students.

Photos: Mr. Kelly, teacher & first Laois Politics and Society class




Visit by Charlie Flanagan, TD on Monday 3rd October 2016

copy-of-img_20160920_152040On 20th September TY students from Portlaoise College partook in a radio workshop which gave them an outlook into the industry and what it is like to work in such a hectic environment. As part of this day long course students gained radio training as well as core skills such as communication, public speaking and self-confidence.


The new transition year students at Portlaoise College got the year off to a great start with a trip to Achill Island in the first week in September. Students participated in tried rock climbing, surfing and team building activities. It was an excellent experience and a great way of getting the new TY group to bond with each other. The TY students would like to thank Ms Walshe for all her hard work in organising the trip.


Prefect Trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre 2016

This year’s Prefects went on their Leadership training course to Carlingford Adventure Centre within the first days of coming back to school. The focus of the training was to form a team that can take on any task given and get positive results, to strengthen leadership and team skills. To establish this bond, they had to learn to cooperate, listen, talk and delegate tasks.
One prefect said “We had to face many challenges over the course of the training, where we were challenged to work as a team. When we started off, all did not go as planned, although we succeeded in the end, there was room for improvement. As we kept going, we bonded more and more until we could face challenges as a team, listening and communicating with each member of the team. It was truly a great experience which brought us all closer together. When we were done, we all agreed with the statement ‘there is strength in numbers’.”

Over the space of the two days we did many activities. Some of the activities were: Spider web, Tutankhamon totem, canoeing, Sky Park, Frisbee golf, a visit to a Magical tunnel. The training was great fun, but it wasn’t just about having a good time it was also about planning for next year, talking about our tasks and making decisions for the coming year. We received great help and advice from Ms. Cripps and Mr.Travers.
We are looking forward to the year ahead as Portlaoise College Prefects and hope to give a good example to the junior students in our school.

This year’s Portaoise College Prefects are:
Agnieszka Czerwik (PRO), Wiktor Grzegolski, Hann Hangea, Nikola Holubova, Lauren Hui, Giresse Kanyamuhanga (Chairperson), Kevin Krol, Shantell Lawless, Christopher O’Connor (Secretary), Tyrone Okonkwu, Naoise Toland and Ciara Walsh and Head Prefects Niamh Delaney and Kerry Carroll Talbot.

Agnieszka Czerwik
Portlaoise College.
Prefects PRO



On Wednesday 14th September 2016 the students in Portlaoise College received their results in the school assembly area. They were all thrilled with these results. A student Sarah Lynch said “I’m relieved I did so well, after all my hard work; it was worth it”. Mr Noel Daly, Principal was proud of the students who were now entering their Leaving Certificate with motivation to succeed.

Junior Cert results
Helen Spencer, Music teacher, Sarah Lynch, Elan Dunne, Deirdre Cadogen, Sara Gronowska, Lauren Hui and Amy Mullally, Maths teacher​

Curtis Walsh and his mother

Marzena Dobias, Nikola Holubova, Giresse Kanyamuhanga, Mr. Daly, Principal, Tyrone OkonkwuAoife O’Neill, Shauna O’Keefe​

Ms. Lawlor, Yearhead, Sarah Lynch, Deirdre Cadogan, Ms. Cullen Vice Principal, Sara Gronowska​

Sarah Lynch, PJ McEvoy, English teacher