We were so excited when we stopped in the space centre in Belgium. We went to our rooms to unpack then to the simulations room. It was so frightening! I was put on a chair that was being held up with rope and a massive bucket of water! The simulation turned out to be zero gravity, it was the 1st simulation. The instructor told us what to do and what not to do; then we were both up on the zero gravity chair. It felt like I was hanging there but I was floating there – I was terrified if I grabbed the bars it would bring me up higher! It was fun but time was up.
We moved on to the moon/Mars walk, it looked so scary! It was my turn – I put the VR head set on. The instructor said “jump” so I did; I was on the moon! It felt like being on a trampoline, but in virtual reality. Same for Mars but I was near the 360 Wheel barely. I had to throw a straight line but I was spinning upside down, side to side, back to back, front to back, all around the place – I even did 3/4 front flips and back flips. It was the most amazing feeling! It felt like jumping out of a plane, it was so cool!
Then the space sickness simulation; so basically you are on this chair and you are spinning around and around again and again but your eyes have to be closed. If they aren’t it won’t work. It seems faster than it really is. At the end my eyes were still going around and around by themselves! It was so confusing & cool – I had no control of my eyes for about 7 seconds! It was like my eyes were dizzy but not me! It was fun.
Then the rocket work shop – we made rockets and locked them. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… they were off like a rocket! One by one, flying in the air and ejecting their para-shoots and landing in the trees or grass. It was fun.
Then the Wulíbì theme park in Belgium; it was amazing! All the rides were amazing – I went on the bumper cars and the really tall water slide. The drop was amazing, it scared the crap out of me! Then we went home.
I’d like to thank our parents, gardens and teachers for planning the trip, bringing us on the trip and letting us go on the amazing trip.
Thank you from 1st year and 2nd years,
By Gearóid Henderson.