Portlaoise College enjoys its third year with tablets instead of text books. Students are benefiting from e-learning with hand held technology pre-loaded with text books, interactive dictionaries for languages, Project Maths apps and much more.

Parents are also benefiting greatly with a hassle free start to secondary school. With e- books pre-loaded on the tablets, it takes the stress out of text book shopping and working their way through a book list.

For students it means less weight in the school bag and with first years, the fear of forgetting a book is no more as they have all books at all times.

All first year parents and students were given a short presentation on their First School Day on the use and care of their tablet and e-books.

One first year student commented “The new e-book in Portlaoise College is brilliant because you don’t need to carry around heavy

books and it gives us a chance to experience a new technology in the classroom. Also the new e-book has a lot of new tools that we can use

to help us both in class and at home.”

Now that Portlaoise College is fully wi-fi enabled, e- learning is here.

to stay!