The Student Council provides a formal arena for students to become involved, to be given responsibility, to be partners with staff and parents, to be listened to and taken seriously within the school community. It creates opportunities for the development of leadership, responsibility and improved communication between staff and students. It ultimately develops a sense of responsibility, belonging and involvement.

Student Council 2015

Lauma Stale
Raphael Mapwata
David McEvoy
Muhammed Yusuf
Hannah Young
David Dmoch
Maeve Mitchell
Mughees Hassan
Shantell Lawless
Jordan Byrne
Magda Czerwik
Illan Dunne
Amber Dalton
Mustafa Shitta

About the Student Council of Portlaoise College

“The teachers that are involved with the Student Council are Mr Murphy, Mr McClearn, Mr Gleeson and Ms Spencer. The Student Council discuss various topics and sometimes are asked to help the management make decisions. This year the Student Council was very successful and did a few good things for the school such as:

  • organised an end of year dinner for the 6th years,
  • created a photo album for Ms Dunning as a goodbye present
  • getting student ID cards
  • Taking part in the ‘Be True To You’ along with other students in the school for the month of November”