Construction Studies is a continuation from the Junior Certificate Material Technology Wood. The course is broken into three elements,

  1. Theoretical study,
  2. A Project
  3. Practical Test.

This subject is examined at Ordinary and Higher level.
Examination: This is completed in three parts:

  1. Written Examination Paper= 50%
  2. Project Work = 25%
  3. Practical = 25%

The study of this subject is primarily related to a private dwelling. However, the subject is dealt with in its broader aspects. Students are encouraged to develop positive attitudes to their Architectural heritage and the impact of the construction industry on the environment. The student studies the knowledge and skills involved in Construction Technology and Construction Materials and Practices, through theoreti¬cal study and integrates practical; Projects. It tries to develop the student’s ability to communicate ideas and information by appropriate methods, and to encourage them to apply accurate observation and scien¬tific investigation through the exploration of materials and processes.

How Construction Studies can be used:

  • It also contributes towards Students general education and provides a basis for those who wish to study Engineering or Construction Technology at 3rd level.
  • Professional Course Architecture
  • Construction Economics (Quantity Surveying) Property Economics (Valuation Surveying) Construction Management
  • Engineering (Civil, Structural, Building services) Wood, Science Building
  • Technology teaching
  • Technician Courses and all the professional trades related to the
  •  Construction Industry, such as Furniture Design, Cabinet maker, Carpenter/Joiner, Electrician, plumber, etc.