Music 2Music is an excellent subject to study. Not just because it’s easy to understand, it’s also interesting. The music teacher in this school is Ms. Spencer.

In 1st year, you get introduced to the basic Music studies. You get taught the names of notes, and the beats per note. For example, a minim holds 2 beats. You get taught how to read music, and how to write music. You also learn how to play recorder. You learn the notes, and some easy songs such as Hot Cross Buns and Ode to Joy.

Music 1


The work gets harder in 2nd Year. You start on your set songs, and set works. These are chosen pieces of music that you have to learn all about for your Junior Cert. You begin to learn harder pieces on the recorder, and the harder pieces of music.

3rd Year is the hardest year in the Junior Cert course. You revise everything from 1st Year, along with learning new things such as chord boxes, and then your chosen songs and chosen works. They’re songs and works that the teacher choses, rather than ones that you have to do. All through this, you’re working on your exam papers as well. Shannon